Flowcharts can help determine where a problem or fault has occured with in a pc or laptop.

Sound failure

Power failure

Network failure

Modem failure

CD or DVD playback

IDE drive failure

Motherboard failure

Boot failure


Anti-Virus software protects your computer from viruses, which are small programs that perform various actions, some do very little, some however can be used to collect your personal information and send it to criminals.

Either way you don't want them on your computer! AVG Antivirus Free is designed to protect you from these problems. Get it here

Anti-Spy-ware / Malware

Spy-ware allows your activities/details to be shared without your knowledge, and falls under mal-ware, and like viruses is malicious software Ad-aware SE personal when run regularly removes these threats. Get it here 


Firewall works like a wall between your computer and the Internet alerting you ,and preventing any suspicious activity. Windows XP and Vista both include a basic firewall, which is the minimum protection required before any connection to the internet When first installed all firewalls require learning, to understand the various programs, services , etc, running on your pc therefore expect warning messages, However, if you get a message that you don't expect, it's easy to block that program for accessing the Internet.

Zone alarm is well known, and respected firewall. Get it here

Other firewalls include:

Sygate Personal Firewall

Useful Programs

Open Office

Office Suite- Open Office Microsoft Office comes in several different versions costing between £80 to over £400 depending on the programs supplied.

BUT Open office is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office, it is not as full featured, neither does it look as "flashy" as Office. However it is a very capable software. As a bonus it is cable of reading most Microsoft Office documents so you can produce documents that are compatible with the market leader. As further endorsement, IBM have re-branded Open Office as Lotus Symphony.
Get it here

Adobe Reader 8

The standard for document exchange on the Internet - you need this. Get it here


Allows you to turn any printable document into a .pdf document that can be opened using Adobe Reader. This handy utility installs as a printer, so to create a pdf you simply print your document, and select PrimoPDF as the printer. Easy! Get it here


SyncToy is a Microsoft Program that lets you "pair" two folders, which can be on different disks and synchronize them. Useful for making a backup of a folder to a USB Pen drive. Get it here

Paint and Image editing Programs


Picasa 2 is a product of Google and probably the best image management utility available for free. It will scan your computer for pictures, then present them in an easy to use library format. It also includes some basic editing functions to correct faults, "tagging" functions and the ability to create slide shows - and put them on to a CD so you can keep your pictures safe, or share them with your friends. Get it here


Paint.NET is a powerful photo editing program that you can use to edit and create images. It includes a selection of effects, and more can be added. In many ways it is capable of matching the power of the market leading Adobe Photoshop that retails for several hundred pounds. Get it here


Inkscape is slightly different from the two programs above in that it's main purpose is to edit vector graphics. Vector graphics are often used for logos, letter heads, clip-art etc. The market leading vector editor are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is a handy free alternative. Get it here


Photogadget is a little utility program that can re-size 1 or many pictures to make them smaller. The you can email them, use them on websites or indeed anytime you don't need the full hi-resolution image from your camera. It simply adds an extra option to the menu that appears when you right click a file or group of files. Get it here

File Download Sites

Business Planning Checklist

You will require Open Office or Microsoft Word to open these documents. Open Office software is free and can be downloaded at

Planning Checklist.doc

Production Checklist.doc

Promotion Checklist.doc

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