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Data Recovery

We hope that you never need this service!  But if you do we are a call away from helping you.  

Nothing is as effective as keeping Backups Where your important data is concerned (Whether it be the company database or those family photographs) prevention is always better than cure.

If you regularly back up your data then a hard drive failure can be reduced from a catastrophe to a mere pain in the neck! Your data may become corrupted for many reasons including hardware failure, viruses, software corruption, and user error.

If you have a backup of the data on a tape or a CD or DVD then it’s simply a case of retrieving the lost files from the backup.  

What do you do if you are unlucky enough to “lose” a file that you don’t have backed up the following will give you the best possible chance of recovering some or all of your data:

  1. Shut your PC down. Make sure that you do not attempt to access or write to the disk containing the damaged file.   
  2. Call 07979 898295. or use skype to call me